Shanin Blake is a professional musician and singer/songwriter. She writes tasteful, finger-style guitar and ukulele compositions weaved with falsetto harmony. Originally from Moscow, ID, she currently lives on in Northern California. Shanin Blake has established a name for herself not only in the local music scene, but through out the United States. In 2013, Ms. Blake posted a video titled "Bag of Hammers" to Youtube and Facebook that went viral. She has been scouted to try out for American Idol, America's Got Talent, and KPOP. All of which she decided against. She has appeared on several platforms of media ranging from local radio stations, podcasts, news channels, and live streaming television. In May of 2016 Shanin launched a Kickstarter for her first full length album and successfully raised over $8,000 receiving donations world wide. Shanin is sponsored by several independent companies. She has toured internationally and taught musical workshops in Europe, Berlin and South Africa. Her debut album 'Soulchild' is going to be released after the new year.